In the first months, the team started working on the central question: How can we increase health-promoting physical activity in a sustainablel way? This question is handled with an open research approach, which involvs patients, doctors and other experts, e.g. from information technology.

First projects of the theam deal with the following sub-questions:

  • Which technology is most suitable and user-friendly, especially in cardiovascular rehabilitation? This question is being treated in the mHealth Platform project together with the FH Salzburg and the AIT.
  • What factors motivate or inhibit health-promoting exercise in our everyday lives? With an app developed at the FH and optimised at the LBI, this question is tried to be answered together with psychologists of the University of Salzburg within the SmartPA project.
  • Hiking is an important part of exercise for many people, especially for cardiovascular patients. In the Connect2Move project, a field fitness check before hiking tours is being developed, to enable a selection of optimally suited hiking routes according to the individual's fitness level.
  • In cardiovascular rehabilitation, technology is a key component of the successful implementation of exercise. The questions surrounding the successful implementation of exercise from the patient's and physican's point of view will be examined more broadly in the the EXPEC and HEALTH projects.
  • Cardiovascular rehabilitation could either not or only to a limited extent take place the last few months due to COVID-19. Accordingly, the effects of COVID-19 on the physical activity goals of cardiovascular rehabilitation will be investigated in the CODIS project.
  • In answering all these questions, (personal) data plays a key role. The protection of this data is being investigated in the Data-Protection project.
  • Currently, privately collected data by patients, such as smartwatch-measured pulse, is medically not taken into account although it is highly relevant to their health. The Data Convener project will change this and aims to create a tool for integrating data collected from patients into the electronic health record.