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22 Jan 2024 by LBI-dhp

10 ideas that move!

Free open-air exhibition

“10 ideas that move!” is the name of the free open-air exhibition in Lehener Park (near Pioniersteg), where we will be presenting the results of our “Ganz Salzburg Bewegung” project from 17 January to 15 March 2024. The exhibition presents suggestions for promoting physical activity in the city of Salzburg, which were developed last year with the involvement of 480 Salzburg residents. You can vote for your favourite idea(s) using a QR code.

Alongside the exhibition, free exercise programmes will be offered in Lehener Park until March:

  • Dog walk of a different kind, 23.01. 16:30 17:30 by Lydia Schentz
  • Dog walk of a different kind, 31.01. 09:00 10:00 by Lydia Schentz
  • Self-defence for young people, 07.02. 16:15 17:15 by ARTMA Academy
  • Self-defence for teenagers, 16.02. 15:00 16:00 from ARTMA Academy
  • Bike check, 23.02. 15:00 16:00 from Veloserv
  • Bike check, 02.03. 10:00 11:00 from Veloserv
  • Running training, 07.03. 16:30 17:30 from Bewegte Stadt
  • Running training, 14.03. 16:30 17:30 from Bewegte Stadt

Come along and join in!

For all those who cannot come to Lehener Park, all the contents of the exhibition are also available online – you can also vote for your favourite idea(s) here