Past Events

  • 01

    LBG Meeting 2023

    Innovation in Health Sciences

    The LBG Meeting Innovation in Health Sciences encourages and supports young scientists by offering an opportunity to present their work. Moreover, it is a chance for early researchers to establish themselves within the scientific community. Franziska Pfannerstill presented 2 posters. The first one explored facilitators for physical activity after cardiac rehab, focusing on key factors that support a more active lifestyle. The second poster examined the usability of the website, highlighting the crucial role of user-friendly tools in promoting health literacy.

    02-03. November
    Vienna, Austria

    LBG Meeting 2023
  • 02

    EFMI STC 2023

    EFMI Special Topic Conference: Telehealth Ecosystems in Practice

    Dr. Rada Hussein will present our roadmap for aligning cardiovascular digital health in Austria with the European Health Data Space (EHDS) ecosystem. We provided an Enterprise Architecture (EA) framework for aligning cardiovascular digital health with the Austrian EHDS context. The created EA model can be also used as a guiding framework for aligning other medical domains in Austria with EHDS.

    25-27 October 2023
    Torino, Italy

    EFMI STC 2023
  • 03

    OIS zam: Forum für Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden 2023

    At this two-day event, organized by the LBG OIS Center, the Institute’s researchers will present their diverse Open Innovation in Science activities. In particular, projects with strong involvement of patients and other stakeholders of the health care system.

    22-23 September 2023
    Linz, Austria

    OIS zam 2023
  • 04

    ÖGMBT 2023

    ÖGMBT 15th annual meeting “Life Sciences and cutting-edge technologies”

    On 21 Sep 2023 Rada Hussein will give a talk about “Global Health Informatics: The LBI-DHP’s Perspective” at the ÖGMBT 15th annual meeting “Life Sciences and cutting-edge technologies”.

    This will be introduced by a general presentation of the LBI for Digital Health and Prevention by Andreas Stainer-Hochgatterer.

    19-21 September, 2023
    Salzburg, Austria

    ÖGMBT 2023
  • 05

    CEN 2023

    The 6th Conference of the Central European Network (CEN)

    Meet us on September 5th at the CEN2023 Conference in Basel, Switzerland. Our statistician Dr. Eleonora Carrozzo will present her research about “Statistical considerations on the coverage probability of a confidence interval when sequentially combining n-of-1 studies on a cumulative meta-analysis” a joint work with Dr. Kulnik and Prof. Niebauer from the LBI-DHP and with Dr. Zimmermann and Prof. Bathke from Paracelsus Medical Private University Salzburg and Paris Lodron University Salzburg (both institute partners of our LBI-DHP) and Dr. Neunhaeuserer from University of Padua.

    03-07 September 2023
    Basel, Switzerland

    CEN 2023
  • 06

    WeAreDevelopers World Congress

    Our software expert Alireza Fatehi joined the world’s leading event for developers to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and learn from most recent trends in software design and development.

    27-28 July 2023
    Berlin, Germany

    WeAreDevelopers 2023
  • 07

    ICIMTH 2023

    International Conference on Informatics, Management and Technology in Healthcare

    The ICIMTH series of annual conferences have reached the 21st International Conference on Informatics, Management, and Technology in Healthcare.

    During the conference program, we will present:

    • A full paper on wearable device fitness data mapping to open mHealth and FHIR data formats in collaboration with FH Johanneum
    • A full paper on Patient-Generated Health Data Interoperability through Master Patient Index: The DH-Convener approach
    • A short paper on Health data democratization in Austria: Patients’ perspective

    01- 03 July 2023
    Athens, Greece

    ICIMTH 2023
  • 08

    SAA Conference 2023

    Society for Ambulatory Assessment 2023

    The theme of this years confernce is “Stress in action”.

    David Haag will present his poster on „The Role of Mood and Stress for Physical Activity Intentions: Insights from Ecological Momentary Assessment“.

    05-07 Juni 2023
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    SAA 2023
  • 09

    ÖKG Jahrestagung 2023

    Österreichische Kardiologische Gesellschaft: Jahrestagung 2023 “Wissenschaft und Praxis im Dialog”

    Nutzen kardiologische Patient:innen digitale Technologien im Alltag?
    Nutzen kardiologische Patient:innen digitale Technologien für regelmäßige herzgesunde Bewegung und Sport?
    Was wünschen sich kardiologische Patient:innen von einer digitalen Technologie für Bewegung und Sport?
    Würden kardiologische Patient:innen ihre Gesundheitsdaten für die Wissenschaft bereitstellen?

    Die vor Kurzem abgeschlossene EXPEC Fragebogenstudie des Ludwig Boltzmann Instituts für digitale Gesundheit und Prävention in Zusammenarbeit mit 5 kardiologischen Reha-Zentren in Österreich bietet einige Antworten auf diese Fragen.

    ÖKG 2023 am 1. Juni von 10-11 Uhr in der Postersitzung 3 – Diverse I (Poster Nummern 3-5 und 3-6) und erfahren Sie mehr!

    Salzburg, Austria

    ÖKG 2023
  • 10

    MIE 2023

    Medical Informatics Europe 2023

    “Caring is Sharing – Exploiting Value in Data for Health and Innovation”

    During the conference program, we will present a full paper on connected health models in cardiac rehabilitation using patient contributed data. We will also participate in the panel discussing why ethics matter in participatory health.

    At the poster booth, we will present the methodology and first results of converting the HL7 CDA-based nationwide Austrian medication data to OMOP common data model.

    As LBI-DHP is an EFMI institutional member, we will present a poster on the DH-Convener project. Also, Rada will chair the Citizen Health Informatics session (on Wed 24th, 13.45-15.15, room G3).

    22-25 May 2023
    Göteborg, Sweden

    MIE 2023
  • 11

    dHealth 2023

    17th Annual Conference on Health Informatics

    Organized by our partner AIT

    Sebastian Gruber and Pavithren V S Pakianathan will be presenting their work on:

    • Usability testing of a multi-level modeling framework for just-in-time adaptive interventions (JITAIs) in mobile health
    • Development of Modular Open Research Platform (MORE) for long-term situated digital health research: A multi-stakeholder design approach

    16-17 May 2023
    Vienna, Austria

    dHealth 2023
  • 12

    CHI 2023

    The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

    23-28 April 2023
    Hamburg, Germany

    CHI 2023