aktivplan App

The aktivplan app is designed to support healthcare professionals and patients in planning activities. It can be used both as a web application as well as a mobile application on the cell phone. aktivplan is used by health professionals together with their patients, allowing to jointly set up, monitor, and regularly review a personalized heart-healthy physical activity plan.

Patients are involved and guided by expert health professionals in setting up a personalized heart-healthy physical activity plan. Patients select exercises and activities they enjoy and define personally meaningful goals. Through the App interface, patients can conveniently access their plan on a calendar, log activities, change activities, review their performance, and access a library of resources such as exercise videos. At follow-up appointments with their health professional, patients can review their documented performance and discuss the plan going forward.

Health professionals are supported in providing personalized physical activity prescription and ongoing review and optimization of their patients’ performance. Through the web interface, health professionals can conveniently view patients’ activity logs. Activity logs can be exported and printed, to be filed in medical records, to provide documentation to health insurances, and to be used for joint review and further planning with patients at follow-up appointments.

The development of the aktivplan app was made possible by a COVID-19 related grant from the Open Innovation in Science Center of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft (CODIS). The implementation took place in cooperation with Alphaport OG and Chino.io.

If you have any further questions, please contact us nxgvicyna@quc.yot.np.ng

Short explainer video to illustrate our aktivplan app (only available in german)

a. aktivplan mobile App
b. aktivplan Desktop

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Dr.-Ing. Jan David Smeddinck, BSc, MSc

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