„HERO“ – Das Herz Reha-Informationstool

Designing a digital prototype to support patients’ pathway to cardiac rehabilitation

 Previous research has shown that patients feel uninformed about their further treatment options after an acute cardiac event, such as a heart attack. For example, it is often unclear whether the possibility of a cardiac rehab exists and how it is accessible.

This project aims to develop a digital prototype providing patients with customized information on cardiological rehabilitation after an acute cardiac event.

In a series of creative workshops, patients with cardiovascular disease, relatives, health professionals, and software developers will ideate, co-design, and test a prototype tailored to the patient’s needs.

We are looking for people with cardiac disease and health professionals willing to share their experiences of cardiac rehabilitation.

If you are interested to participate and for more information please contact: vfnory.ubrccpura@quc.yot.np.ng, +43 (0) 57 255 82715

Project Lead

Isabel Höppchen, MSc