Research Topics and Projects

The vision is, starting from the model region of Salzburg, to first support CVD patients and then the general population with health-promoting lifestyle changes with the help of new digital technologies. In the implementation of measures, doctors, patients and their environment are actively involved by means of open innovation in science methods.

Digital technology and insights from psychology are combined to provide medically verified, health-promoting and personalised support for patients automatically and in a timely manner on the basis of modern data analysis and machine learning (Just-In-Time Interventions). For example, patients are provided with a safe and user-friendly digital health assistant. The assistance takes the local environment and geographical conditions, as well as the personal preferences of the patients into account.

In addition, a secure and user-friendly tool will be developed for and with patients and citizens to monitor and securely analyse and use their health-related data. This tool facilitates the extraction of scientifically sound knowledge (evidence) in the form of large-scale studies. In the model region of Salzburg, this citizen-supported, open health science research will be carried out by the LBI for Digital Health and Prevention over a period of seven years, but is to be secured permanently by the continued existence and expansion of the institute and the implementation of the developed digital tools. From the very beginning, the consortium partners Paris Lodron University (Mathematics: Prof. Dr. Arne Bathke; Human Computer Interaction: Prof. Dr. Manfred Tscheligi), Salzburg Research (Dr. Siegfried Reich) and the Austrian Institute of Technology (Dr. Anton Dunzendorfer) have been strong and experienced partners.